Popular Instagram Hashtags With No Return

Hashtags are your instagram keys into more publicity and attention. Hashtags are unlimited so you can choose as many as you like! So why not go crazy. Putting in popular hashtags like #love and #instagood is a good starting place. Narrowing hashtags down to fit your specific target audience is better. This can take some keyword research. Heres some basics to help you understand why this matters.

The significance of each hashtag can seem small but have massive view differences. FOR EXAMPLE:

Think about yourself specifically. Is your account for art (473 million)? What kind of art. Drawings (14,6 million), sketch(83.7 million)

– btw #sketches only has 6.3 million-

Design(169 million), and the list goes on.

Try to say what you are as well such as artist(129 million) or designer(44.4million).

Basically, put as much stuff about the post, your channel, and targeted audience as well. So if your marketing toward teenagers, look for hashtags that teenagers would generally click. Some examples are #school, #friends, and #highschool.