How to use Apple Cider Vinegar for Natural hair + My Experience #LOL

Soooo I tried Apple Cider vinegar on my natural hair. It is not as strange as it sounds! I did it because I heard about some rather appealing benefits to doing to this. Particularly, it leaves hair more manageable, shinier, and less susceptible to hair breakage.

I have thick 4c natural hair (not me in pic lol) that gets tangled quite often. I love trying natural remedies so of course I had to try it. This would not be the 1st time I tried something odd on my hair. I used avocados, rice, bananas and more. Now, I was not necessarily excited to use apple cider vinegar on my hair. I really don’t like the smell of vinegar! I still felt like it was just one of those things where the benefit outweighed the bad.

Why I Tried It??

As I mentioned earlier, AVC leaves hair more managable, shiny, and soft.

You can also regulate PH levels of your hair by using AVC. Lots of hair products have negative effects on the PH level of hair. They strip away moisture and leave the hair cuticles dry and brittle. This leads to breakage! AVC lowers the PH level of hair. Apple cider vinegar mixed with water is close to the normal acidity level of hair. Vinegar has anti inflammatory properties as well. This means that it prevents growth of bacteria on the scalp and promotes healthy hair. It sounded like a good idea so I had to try it.

  • Manageable
  • Shiny/sheen
  • Soft
  • Contains nutrients and vitamins
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Exfoliates Scalp
  • Stimulates Hair Growth
  • Defines curl pattern
  • Cost Effective

So yeah, almost all of those are about the health of my hair besides the last two. Trying a different curl pattern seemed like an interesting idea though so why not! I also love saving money.

How to Use it?

The “natural hair experts” call it a apple cider vinegar rinse. This means that you use it when washing your hair.

Step 1: Dilute the Apple cider in Water

Step 2: Shampoo and Condition Hair

Step 3: Apply Cider to Scalp and let sit for a couple of minutes

Step 4: Then like the name says, rinse it out! Its that easy.

I would just keep the whole container under my sink and have it prepared. A friendly little website said that mixing essential oil with it could help soften the putrid smell. I never tried it but it did seem like a good idea!

The Results

It did it’s job. it was messy and it smelled bad but it lived up to some of the benefits. I definitely do think that I noticed a change in the way that it made my hair detangle. I found it easier to run my fingers through my locks. My hair looked sheen as well. The curl pattern did seem a bit more defined and my hair looked nourished. Healthy looking hair is beautiful hair! I liked to know that my PH level were regulating and I think I saw less shedding.

-Strong is Beautiful-

My hair resemble this

The one main con seemed to be the smell. I’m okay with the smell when it is in the bottle. Not when I can smell it on my hair! Hair is supposed to smell like honey dipped flowers and coconut dreams after being washed. Not rotten eggs and spoiled milk. The smell and my laziness was sadly enough to make me stop. The mix seemed to do all these things like right after the wash. Then my hair would pretty much go back to the way it was. Fun! I would definitely like to start back up some time and let me know if it works for you.

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