How we find something new to do every day… and 65 things you can start today

February 26, 2019

Look around. In the simplest way, that is the answer to the question this blog poses. But since that’s most likely not what most of you want to hear, we’ll stop being vague and get into the juicy details. Or perhaps saucy, because these deets last longer than just a couple of days. Anyways, no matter where you are right now you can almost definitely just glance around your surroundings, and find something new to do. “Um but I’m staring at a wall?” Wall? More like a blank canvas. Or perhaps an unfinished masterpiece. With a wall alone, you could easily try a new style of painting, start planning some photo or canvas designs, design a mural, create a personalized gallery, a–oh look that’s 4 days already right there. Don’t worry, you’ll still get 100 more.

We live in a world where something is constantly happening so if you can’t find any inspiration from looking at something in your house, we have a few other places you can look. Nature is always a great place to start. We’ve taken more scenic walks and bike rides than we can count. We’ve played plenty of sessions of sports, with badminton being our favorite, and having tried soccer, kickball, and basketball as well. And yes, we’re talking about with only each other. And even if you can’t play a game with someone else, you can start practicing skills by yourself. Let’s not forget about the wild side of nature either. It’s basically a buffet of new things to do. You can go to a zoo, go hiking, rock climbing, paddleboarding, boating, scuba diving, zip lining, parasailing, parachuting, skydiving, swimming, and so many more. So next time you’re bored, literally just walk outside.

Creating or designing something is often where we’ll turn when stuck at home or when we just don’t feel like going anywhere. If you can’t come up with anything to make or design, then you’re honestly just not thinking hard enough. This past year alone we have crafted tons of things to personalize our room and test out our art skills. And don’t forget that there’s a whole world of social media just brimming with new ideas for you to try. We find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest, Youtube, or Instagram. There is basically a tutorial, recipe, or step-by-step guide for everything. So look up something you’ve been thinking about trying and you’ll have at least 100 modifications of the same idea. Might as well add yours to the collection. And if you do get the chance to go out, Michaels, A.C. Moore, Hobby Lobby, or your local craft store all have so many materials that are bound to get your creativity flowing. Whenever we go in we feel like we could stay for at least 2 hours because there are just that many selections. It’ll probably be smarter to go in with a game plan but hey– the store will likely fill in any blank spaces you did have.

Any place that you go, leave yourself open to curiosity. Question yourself and keep a “what if” mentality. If you see something you would really like to buy at a store then ask yourself, “what if I made my own version?” Now we’re not trying to get all sappy and say conquer the impossible, just that you should try to reach a bit higher. Contentment is definitely a great thing to have but it wasn’t until we started rethinking things we had always done, that the days stopped blending together as much. Find something you can do that will distinguish each day from the next. Often learning something new is the best place to start, whether it be a new instrument, online course, how to draw, or a new fitness move you want to try. Don’t overload and developing new skills won’t feel as rushed. But if you’re feeling a bit stuck or need a little inspiration for what you can do today, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected a list of things we’ve done, are currently learning, want to learn, or think that you would want to try.

  1. Start learning Calligraphy
  2. Try Jewelry making
  3. Begin an exercise challenge (there are tons of 30-day ones out there!)
  4. Learn a new recipe
  5. Create your own DIY skin care
  6. Start learning Martial Arts– see which kind (Karate, Taekwondo, Muy Thai, Krav Maga, etc.) you connect most with
  7. Try your hand at boxing or kickboxing
  8. Work on gaining flexibility
  9. Attempt mastering a gymnastics or dance move
  10. Learn how to rollerblade, roller-skate, or ice skate
  11. Learn how to tut
  12. Try a step routine
  13. Write a song
  14. Learn how to play an instrument (we’re both interested in piano and guitar)
  15. Practice your swimming skills
  16. Go on a bike ride, multiple miles for a fun challenge
  17. Practice doing hair or new hairstyles
  18. Conquer a new makeup look
  19. Try selling online
  20. Make and edit a video
  21. Try out the Adobe Creative Cloud or other designing software
  22. Make a website
  23. Make a blog (kinda like this one)
  24. Learn how to code
  25. Start an online course (we’re talking free ones– try Edx or Coursera)
  26. Screenprint a t-shirt
  27. Go Boating
  28. Try out a new diet for a week (paleo, whole-30, keto) at your own risk of course
  29. Start bullet journaling
  30. Start scrapbooking
  31. Go to a craft store
  32. Paint
  33. Learn how to draw
  34. Learn how to sew or use a sewing machine
  35. Learn how to crochet
  36. Try a knitting project
  37. Make a detox
  38. Learn a language
  39. Try ASL or PSE
  40. Join a gym
  41. Create a vision board
  42. Drinking water challenge
  43. Start Habit tracking
  44. Make a healthier alternative to something you love eating out
  45. Go thrift shopping and try to resell clothing
  46. Design some old clothing
  47. Create a gallery wall
  48. Reorganize
  49. Start tap dancing
  50. Learn some yoga moves
  51. Write a story/ book
  52. Write a poem
  53. Make a music beat
  54. Make your own music video or learn how to use a video editing platform
  55. Volunteer somewhere
  56. Try to create your own invention or product
  57. Try your hand at social media marketing
  58. Listen to TED talks for motivation
  59. Figure out a side hustle
  60. Try turning what you love doing into a way to make money
  61. Call a family member or friend
  62. Start journaling
  63. Improve penmanship
  64. Build something
  65. Redesign a room

And of course, so so many more! We challenge you to start something new today. Don’t be scared to comment or message how it goes. Spread the inspiration you guys, and thanks for checking out our blog!


  1. Wow, you young ladies are true explorers + life lovers! Color me inspired, amazed, proud, and more optimistic about the next generation!! Keep up the great work. 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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