Top 5 Tyler Perry’s Madea Quotes We Need In Our Lives!

Madea has almost spoke nothing but the cold hard but hilarious truth. Somehow through the ridiculous stories and crazy experiences, she finds a way to teach us lessons. It was hard to find to find just 10 quotes from her many movies but here they are. We will be breaking down what some of these quotes mean just in case you don’t speak Madea lol. Enjoy this list and educate yourself on these amazing lessons that you need in your life. Also a little tribute to the ending of an era (*shedding many tears*). Madeas family funeral will be the last Madea movie! Tragic


In life, don’t allow yourself to take hate from others. Do not accept the mess people will try to hand you in life. You know who you are and what you are about. Don’t let them tell you otherwise!


Don’t let negative people stay in your life. You are worth fight for and if they do not see that, that is their loss.


Madea Quotes About Life and Madea Quote Of The Day | Muh-To-Da-Damn-D-E-A | | Madea – DAILY QUOTE IMAGE


God first! Remember this quote when people piss you off. They are not worth it.


Sometimes you got to get the gotters even when they’ve done nothing to you.

so yes, even a movie as silly and crazy as madea is still has valuable life lessons. She gives more level headed advice than most motivational speakers!

Comment some of your fave madea quotes. We may be coming out with a part 2!

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