Quick Tips On How To De-stress

Life is busy and hectic at times. It can be hard to stop, slow down, and smell the roses. It may seem impossible to even think about relaxing. Sometimes though, mental relaxing is all you need.

Social balance

Balance your social and alone time. This is also important when figuring out how to balance time between friends, family, work peers, the general public, etc. Make sure you are spending adequate time with each your family and friends. They deserve your interest and time. Building satisfying relationships in life will help make you feel more content as well. Try to let positive influences really impact your life. However, spending time with by yourself is important too. Try to make sure you are getting your alone time. Allow yourself some time to think and reflect.

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You may be dressing this, but start by cleaning your house. Vacuum, sweep, scrub every crevice! Try even making your bed every day. Organize your car, work place or school place, bag, etc. Physically fluttering will help you mentally declutter.


Plan out a to do list, short term goals, and long term goals. Try to remind yourself everyday by putting this in a calendar. Do not make goals are way out of your reach. I found myself getting discouraged when they would stay on my mind. Planning will allow you to not forget your many great ideas. Planning will altogether help you time manage. This can you to be more productive throughout the day and really get things done! Change up your routine sometimes to spice things up a bit thoug

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Get Off Social Media

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This one may not make much sense at first but it is necessary. It is sometime stressful to be interconnected to a world wide network at all times. Managing a online reputation can fill like a job. It is also super easy to compare your life to other peoples lives.


What are your values? What do you deserve to spend a little more time on? This may mean even letting some things go. I found myself wanting to become a pro in many things. That simply takes too much time! It stressed me out finding time to continuously practice each. Going to work can unfortunately not be changed. So look to the time before and after and try to make adjustments. Maybe you find that your morning schedule of getting dressed is too long ( I sure did). I did not even realize it but I spent alot of time fixing myself up in the mirror. I decided that I would spend time stretching, cleaning, and listening to study notes in the morning. I no longer spent so much time just preparing myself. This also opened myself up to a more free afternoon.

Physical Fun

Do something physically active! We all need some exercise in our lives. Do not love at exercise as something vigorous and demanding. Find a physically active hobby like sports, dancing, martial arts, boxing, etc. Or just try going outside more and walk, jog, or bike. Fresh air can really help you clear your mind. Your body will also be naturally more tired making for a better nights sleep.

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Grab some Paper

Try drawing, writing, coloring, read, etc. Just sit down and let the creativity run wild. Try writing a song, story, book, poem or anything. It will be nice to just unwind and mentally escape. You can even try to write a song or poem for someone you care about. The gold quo is their is that their is happiness in giving.

Don’t take yourself So Seriously

  • Learn to accept changes in life and to to welcome new things.

  • Learn how to say yes

  • Learn to say no

  • Learn to smile at more people

  • Smile at yourself in the mirror

  • Forgive yourself

A day without laughter is a day wasted – Charlie Chaplin


    • We’ve done that before as well. Nothing like a clean room to put your mind at ease! Gives a sense of control when life is going chaotic.


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