Quick Bun and Puff Hairstyles that aren’t Basic

“I love my hair because it’s a reflection of my soul. It’s dense, it’s kinky, it’s soft, it’s textured, it’s difficult, it’s easy and it’s fun. That’s why I love my hair.”

Tracee Ellis Ross

Now, no shade to our beloved standard puffs and buns. What we’re not about to do is drag our ride and dies through the mud. Every female with curly hair knows that those styles are a lazy day’s or busy morning’s best friend. Forget diamonds. But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to stand out a bit every now and then. We’re talking minimal effort to give your basic styles a unique twist. It all depends on how much time you’re willing to put forth. And curlfriend, don’t worry if you feel like you’re hair isn’t long enough– you can always add in some hair or modify the style. Heck, that’s what we did. So some of these were amazing protective styles as well. Win, win. We’ll likely add some more in the future but today, we’ve got 8 cute puff and bun based styles for you. If you try any of them, make sure to share a pic with us either on Instagram (@tryittwins), Pinterest(@tryittwins) or YouTube (tryittwins.)

Shameless mirror shot. Ignore the dirty bathroom.


We love ourselves some classy low puffs. I added 2 neat asymmetrical flat twists to the front of this style, and pulled the rest of my hair back tight. *Spoiler* I added in some curly hair to the puff as well. I absolutely love how it turned out and I didn’t even have to slick the mess out of it with gel. With some of the hair in the flat twists, it makes pulling the resting of your hair down without a “hump” that much easier. This hairstyle is pretty simple and only takes about 10 minutes top. You can also substitute in cornrows instead of flat twists if you’d like.

Unique twist: Asymmetrical double flat twists

So cliche. Props to anyone who can master the staring off into the distance shot.


This is a bit more of a low puff style as well. I added a fancier twist by braiding 2 relatively big cornrows up the side of my head and twisted the hair in between them to give me a bang. I pulled the rest of my hair into a puff, bringing the ends of the cornrows back as well. This style lasts at least a week and takes about 12 minutes to create. This look works great for formal and semi-formal events as well, so you actually don’t have to spend an hour to look cute.

Unique Twist: Side cornrows with twist-out bang

*disclaimer* the flower wasn’t part of the style–but Snapchat pulled through with another useful filter.


It doesn’t get much simpler than this, I did two right triangular parts right at the center of the front of my head and I added a little extra braiding hair for length. I kept the length relatively realistic without going over the top, but by all means be extra if you’d like. You could also just braid your natural hair without extensions. Or you could curl the ends for another fancier look. Some hair accessories could’ve been cute too. See, the ideas just keep coming. This takes about 6 minutes tops if you add in hair and can work for just about any occasion.

Unique Twist: Two braid “bang”

African princess vibes. Can’t get the vibes if you’re not willing to do the time


Don’t let this one intimidate you. With a little practice and YouTube tutorials, you’ll be able to feed-in cornrow in no time (if you can’t already!) What we’ve got going on here is four feed-in cornrows, but you can definitely do normal cornrows if you’re okay with less height. The style is the exact same on both sides and the big low bun has added hair. The really thick, type 4 extension hair looks pretty real in our hair so we tend to stick with that texture. Its a nice change from all the straight hair extensions. It appears nice and thick and those sideburns are poppin’. Timewise, this is one of the longer ones and can take anywhere from 25 to 45 minutes–but its so worth it. The style can protect your hair for at least 2 weeks, and works for casual, formal, and semi-formal occasions.

Unique twist: 4 feed-in cornrows

Bushy brows were a thing when I took this pic XD


This style is another one that takes a little extra time to do. Trust and believe though that 30 minutes of styling doesn’t have anything on two weeks of waking up with already styled hair. The low puff has resurfaced and this time, I twisted 8 flat twists over nearly my whole head. The fact that I did flat twists made this significantly quicker than cornrows. The back is some added in type 3c curly hair to add ultimate fullness and protection. I left the ends of the flat twists loose to pull into the puff but everything else was twisted up. With straight parts, this one will definitely take you at least 30 minutes. I love the R&B chic look this style gives you and its totally workout-friendly. And girl, don’t miss your chance to rock a BOMB (flat) twist out once you take the style out.

Unique Twist: 8 Flat Twists

Slightly above basic (once again ignore the brows–I had no shame hun.)


UHh…isn’t this literally just a(sorry impression at a messy) bun? In a sense, yes, yes it is. But upon closer examination you’ll ever so kindly notice my long side-burn curls. Yep, it’s that simple to make a basic style not so basic. Just a little touch of flair and you’ve got a slightly fancier style that looks like you actually put a bit of effort into. Not saying that it doesn’t normally look like you do. Edges can either make or break a style so take notes. This one can honestly take about 3 minutes and looks best after being tied down with a scarf. So how do you elongate curls without them shrinking up? For a really in-depth demonstration, you can watch our YouTube video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRhixV8FhFI&t=324s. It is similar to a finger coil. Products that we recommend are Eco Styler gel and/or Gorilla Snot gel. Our hair is naturally 4c and rotating your hair over your finger can quickly enhance the texture to appear loose and curly. This does not involve any kind of toothbrush or brush, but you’re free to use one for baby hairs. Just simply use your finger for the ringlets. Putting the scarf on right after you curl keeps some of the initial stretch and you may even want to loosely tie both together under your chin briefly to elongate the curls before they dry shrunken. These ringlets are my go-to for making my bun or puff look a bit more formal.

Unique Twist: Ringlet Sideburns

This is about as basic as it gets without being your truly basic bun.


I know that the title is probably starting to sound like a lie, but wait, I promise this one isn’t completely average. It’s pretty dang close but the added hair is what sets it apart. In no way am I saying not to wear your natural hair. It’s just that the extensions add more fullness and create that true “donut” bun look. Plus the style is a super super quick and simple way to protect your natural hair. You just take some type 4 extension hair and wrap that mess around your miniature bun on the top of your head. This works best if you pull your hair up tight into a bun that won’t be visible with the added hair.

Unique twist: Extension Hair


Yeah, this one is a bit of a stretch for classifying it as a “bun” style but It still counts. We all love a classic half-up half-down style. The two pictures actually show minor alternatives to this style. The first one (right) is simply two loose sections of hair pulled into two “ponytails” where the band was wrapped around a second time to catch the loose end as well. This produces two soft moderately loose bun buns. (If that’s a term people actually use.) In the second (left), I rolled the hair until they curled on top of themselves. So I basically grabbed each section and just rotated in a single direction without letting go until they coiled up enough for me to either wrap a small band around or stick a pin in. The second was a bit more tight and took just a little extra time. In the back of both, I’m rocking a twist out, but the buns alone only took about 3 minutes.

Unique Twist: Two front buns

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