The Two Beverages You should put in your Hair

“Invest in your hair. It is the crown you never take off. “

If you’re here, we must’ve peaked your interest. Beverages in your hair OTHER than water?? We’re talking drinks you can make at home that will soften and make your tresses more manageable. It’s just a double pro that they’re edible. We’ve heard it said that if its healthy enough to go into your body then it’s definitely healthy enough to go on it’s outside. So it makes sense that these two “concoctions” would work wonders on your locks.

We’ll start by saying that we have thick, coily curly, 4c hair so there is a slight chance that works for us may not work for you. But just know that if something is nourishing enough to penetrate this low-porosity hair and make it easily manageable, then it’ll likely work double time for our hair as well. Easier to handle means more growth, and that’s always a plus in our books.

So what are these two simple DIY beverages? Rice water and Green Tea. Feeling a little confused? Allow us to elaborate.

Rice Water

Early last year, we heard about this “magical” method of hair growth that originated in Asia. Now have you lovelies seen how fast the hair of Chinese and Japanese women grows? Apparently rice water is part of their secret.

We tried this method every time we washed our hair for a month and we genuinely saw a difference in our elasticity. “Rice water is so powerful because it’s in liquid form, which will absorb into your hair and scalp immediately more than a vitamin can,” according to cosmetic chemist and trichologist, Debbie William. It’s not at all expensive and it made our hair look shinier and healthier immediately after we applied it during wash day. Granted, the appearance won’t last indefinitely but the minerals in fermented rice water are felt in the elasticity in the hair until basically your next shampoo. Which for us is generally every 2 weeks. Don’t worry– curly hair doesn’t get dirty as fast.

Rice water contains selenium, magnesium, folic acids, vitamins B1 through B6, niacins, and vitamin K in a natural alternative to store-bought products. Have we convinced you yet? What we did was the day before we poured a bag of rice in a big bowl of water. But as always there’s some math to it. We took half a cup of rice and soaked it in two cups of water for around 24 hours, or at least until the next day. Some people do it differently but this method worked for us. Afterwards we drained the water out and threw away the rice, leaving us with fermented rice water.

After we washed, shampooed, and conditioner our hair, but prior to rinsing, we allowed the rice water to sit in it for an hour. You can also sit under a hair dryer during this process to deeply nourish your roots and scalp. Basically a deep condition without the conditioner. Afterwards we rinsed it out and styled our hair as normal. See? Simple. Let us know how it goes when you try it.

Here’s our YouTube video from last year when we first tried rice water!

Green Tea

Actually any herbal tea offers nutritional benefits to your hair but our preference is green tea. We hopped on this wave after watching a video by Naptural85 on YouTube swearing by this method.

This is the video that convinced us. No shame in promoting a fellow natural queen. Anyways, Green tea gave us about the same results as rice water. Softer, more manageable hair with less breakage. Yes, of course there was still shedding. This isn’t a miracle worker but it does reduce the amount of shedding. Which leads to more growth so yay! This one is a little less DIY since its literally just brewing a cup of tea but that makes it a super simple natural method. This one is the quicker of the two methods but we suggest you still try both.

Green tea doesn’t give your hair as much elasticity as rice water in our opinion, but it is helpful in preventing hair loss and promoting regeneration of hair. Green tea also contains various nutrients and anti-oxidants, like Vitamin B, pathenol, and theanine. The anti-inflammatory properties makes the drink perfect for scalp application. We also would suggest sitting under a hair dryer since results aren’t as noticeable without deep penetration. Most herbal teas are pretty cheap as well which makes this a win-win. And that’s the tea sis.

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