51 Important Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves

Its time for a major self evaluation! Is your life in check? Find out by asking and reflecting on these 51 things. Try to fix your life and make major improvements! I sure did after asking myself these things

What are my strengths?

What are my weaknesses?

Am I a perfectionist?

(Think small and big)

How do I view myself?

Do other people successes ever make me feel like a failure?

When do I generally compare myself to others?

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Should I expand my social circle?

Do I put effort in my relationships?

Do I unintentionally follow a daily routine?

How responsible am I?

Could I be more honest to others?

Could I be more honest with others?

With myself?

What are my main convictions?

Why are these my convictions?

How do I take advice?

Do I like change?

Am I organized?

Do I manage my time wisely?

What would I like to learn?

What do I want to create?

Why do I choose friends with “this trait”?

Am I inspirational?

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Do I have self control?

What habits do I have?

Am I loyal?

What things bother me that I can’t control?

Do I regret anything?

What is one personality trait you wish you had because you feel it could make your life better?

What activities in life would you consider a waste of time?

What do I feel most addicted to?

Am I a creative idea maker?

How good am I at imagining?

Do I unintentionally live by my morals?

Do I have high standards for myself?

Do I live in the present?

How often do I think about the past?

Do I recognize my small accomplishments?

Am I contributing to the happiness of others?

Do I wake up smiling? why or why not?

What motivates me in the morning?

Do I doubt my abilities often?

Do I actually feel talented?

What impact do I make on the people I love?

Would I feel like a failure if I lost my job?

What would I do for free?

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