Everyday Natural Hairstyles that Aren’t Boring Puffs or Buns

“Life is too short to have boring hair.”

There’s nothing wrong with the average puff or bun in natural hair but we like to change our hair up every once in a while. Or more like everyday during some weeks. Nothing wrong with wanting to own our versatility. Curly hair has so many possibilities so it would a shame to wear the same hairstyle on the daily. The main thing stopping most women of color though is the time and work needed in achieving any relatively cute style. Most of us don’t want to give up an hour or three just to do our hair. Who has that kind of time. Fortunately, looking cute doesn’t have to come at such a high cost. Over the years we have experimented greatly with our type 4 curly locks so we’ve rounded up a nice collection of both protective and loose styles. All of these can be done yourself and can take under an hour.

He He, why not start with the most time consuming style? Not said to scare you of course. This look can take a quick twister about an hour even with adding in hair and doing the parts neatly. These are just some medium-length Senegalese twists and you can choose to do this style with only your natural hair. The key to it being so quick is the fact that the length is significantly shorter than standard Senegalese twists. I have my hair pulled partly into a ponytail and she has two flat twists at the front of hers. Little secret? The more flat twists you add the less time the style should take since each individual twist typically takes longer.

This photo is old so please excuse the fake smile!

We love half-up half-down styles. There are multiple variations of the half and half look but what I did here was flat twist the front and pull both back to come together at the back of the hair. A rubber band, bobby pins, or hair tuck and hide can be used to secure the ends over the twist out or braid out in the back. If you leave your hair in its natural texture, then all you really have to do is flat twist. Just like that, you got a 10 minute style on your hands. The time needed for the braid or twist out varies but shouldn’t take any longer than 15-20 minutes the night before. The style can last anywhere from 3 days to a week depending on how well you maintain it.What I got here is a Fulani Braid based style. Fulani braids are super cute exotic cornrows that originated with the Fulani tribe in Africa. I ended up adding two more cornrows to the style on each side and then left the back in a loose twist out. The Fulani braid is the very middle cornrows and the styles often include the two side cornrows as well facing forward. Beads are optional but really create the overall festive look. Most Fulani styles are entirely braided but this a quick alternative that can only take about 30 minutes. You can wear the back however you want and leave the cornrows in for at least a week. A good old classy pulled back twist out with a bang is a perfect quick “fancy style.” It’s basically a twist out (but you can still use your natural texture!) with half pulled back. I used pins to hold the hair back and the twists used to achieve the curls took around 20-25 minutes to put in.For anyone who knows how to cornrow, this is the perfect fast style. It’s really just two cornrows. All thick haired divas know that cornrowing can be a struggle so you’re free to blow out your hair first if you choose. Just know that the style will no longer be quick. One of us rocked a “Duchess” Braid or two cornrows into one braid with “sideburn” cornrows (also seen in the Fulani style) and the other was just wearing two simple cornrows. The cornrows are medium length and we used some extra hair. Each took about 15 minutes for us. Of course the classic braid out is always a trusty look but the focus here is on the style in the back. We all love a good protective style and flat twists are extremely time efficient. The two flat twists are composed of all of my hair and pulled into a band. I added extension hair to the end making a “ponytail,” or more appropriately, puff. You can choose to leave some of your hair loose closest to the back of your head and then tie that into a puff instead. Either way you got yourself a cute low-puff style. Flat twists tend to not stay hold quite as neatly as cornrows but they’re genuinely easier to put in so you win a little, you lose a little. 5 minute morning style say hey.

Patiently waiting for my Disney casting call

I absolutely loved this “Jasmine” braid. I got so many compliments and I got past the initial extra-ness worry. Apparently being extra is good you guys! This is technically another fulani-based style with one big middle cornrow, two smaller cornrows next to it, and two “side-burn” cornrows facing forward. Bear with me loves, I know they’re not really called sideburn cornrows. The three middle cornrows were braided into the jumbo plait in the back so none of them were really that long. They’re honestly more like half cornrows. I tied my natural hair into a really tight bun and attached the braid around it. The hair was your typical straight braiding extensions by the way. You can also braid in the extension hair with your natural hair instead of wrapping it around a bun if you’d like. This style lasted me about two weeks even though it very well may have been past its due date. It looked good to me though so let me know if you try it.

This one is simply two loose sections of hair pulled into two “ponytails” where the band was wrapped around a second time to catch the loose end as well. This produces two soft moderately loose bun buns. (If that’s a term people actually use.) In the back of my head I’m rocking a twist out, but the buns alone only took about 3 minutes. I only used my natural hair in this one but you can alter it in any way you want.

Make sure you share your results if you try any of the styles. We’d love to hear your input!

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