Fan fiction Vs Real Books: Which One Should You Be Reading?

Fanfiction seems to have taken the entertainment industry by storm! People love reading alternate stories that contradict the traditional normal ways of their favorite characters. Traditional literature has lots of guides and expectations that fanfics typically ignore. Fanfics are not really held to any high expectations because they are just met. Fanfictions still can have a pretty good emotional impact on its readers. Though, you do have to be careful when reading them. Here are some reasons why.

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Fanfiction Is Poorly Written

You will never learn anything about proper grammar or improve your own literature skills. Most authors of fanfiction are just teens who love a TV show and have this odd vision of what they want to happen. They don’t really care how that message gets conveyed in terms of a thorough plot development. Fanfictions generally lack all literary elements and intricate detail.
Books delve into multiple aspects and will likely teach a lesson or have a theme that you are suppose to learn from. Fanfictions do not have any kind of theme or plot positioned to help the audience learn. Take a look at the general story plots of traditional books.

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Fanfictions are much more rushed and frequently do not include nearly any of the beginning steps. They do not offer much background or rising action action. Writers try to quickly get to the “dramatic” part as this is really the only aspect they imagined up in their heads.
If you simply take the story and worlds that an author has already created, then you are skipping an important part of the writing process.

Many fanfictions do not focus on a central idea as the writers are often too indecisive to decide what aspects are most important.

Destruction of Characters

A good book will create a well developed character. They will then build the character up properly by giving them character traits either directly or indirectly. A fanfiction will contort and distort a character into a completely new personality. The fanfiction will often take no time to really develop a character. Most will just state exactly who that character is and give a quirky little description right at the beginning.


Some people have odd fetishes and use fan fiction as a platform to display all those odd desires. The sexual activity is frequently the only part of the story in actually very detailed writing.

Less Visualization

Traditional books allow your brain to really work. They give descriptive detail and information that allows you to really imagine an image. You can imagine how you want the world to look in your head. Fanfictions are based off of movies, shows, etc that allow you to already picture these things.

Most authors will give characters flaws, backstories, internal and external conflicts and identifying attributes. Characters become diverse and well developed.

Why Are People Drawn To Fan Fiction

Fan fictions involve settings and characters that you are already familiar with. The social aspect as well where you can leave comments requesting what should happen next. People like being able to choose the end of a story.

Writers write because they get ideas, fit the characters into those ideas, and fall in love with whatever universe they have mentally created . Audiences often love it for the same reason.

Fanfictions allow us to explore the new identities of characters and embrace those changes

Fan fictions have social communities where everyone can leave their input.

Fanfictions can expand on limits and boundaries that TV production can not sustain.

To Conclude..

Fanfiction can really swing toward the good side or the bad side of literature.
Bad fanfiction turns perfectly good characters into typical clichés, but good fanfiction turns mediocre characters into expert masterpieces.

And don’t get me wrong, I love a good fanfic too!

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