Why you should hop on the pen calligraphy wave

She may have looked normal on the outside, but once you’d seen her handwriting you knew she was deliciously complicated inside.

Jeffrey Eugenides

Pen calligraphy, also known as faux calligraphy is such a useful skill. Stylish, creative fonts can be used virtually everywhere. People often overlook the fact that typography is an art that requires practice and skill. It’s a hobby that you can basically practice anywhere. And it’s versatile enough that you don’t have to perfect it to enjoy it. There is no “right” font. A lot of people find themselves intimidated by dip pen or brush calligraphy. Mastering the visual art does involve steady execution of lettering. The hobby can become expensive and even tedious. And of course there’s the age-old excuse of simply “not having enough time.” Well excuses be gone! Pen calligraphy is the quick solution.

Pen calligraphy has grown in popularity over recent years. It creates beautiful calligraphy through pen or even pencil strokes that are filled in to the proper width. You’re able to create whatever font you want and brush pens make that even easier. Calligraphy pens are huge sellers now that cover every width you would need and mold to form smooth strokes. Some “pens” more closely resemble markers so research a bit prior to any purchase what style of typography you’d like to begin trying. Of course though, any pen or pencil would work which is the beauty of the art.

You’re able to show off this skill on any school or work projects and likely impress any team members. We all know that (at least on school projects), attractivity or creativity, is normally a core aspect of the rubric. An easy way to show effort and convince your teacher or manager that you actually care about your work is to implement a bit of calligraphy on the final piece. Titles and headings can all look that much more interesting when you design them even just a little bit. Even notes can be more visually appealing. No drawing ability needed. Looks like “I can’t draw” won’t be an applicable excuse anymore for why your assignments can’t look artsy.

Not to mention , it’s a quick way to impress peers. No shame in wanting to show off from time to time. People look genuinely surprised when you start writing in a unique font. Anything other than your handwriting comes across as noteworthy. The farther away from typical writing, the better. Not saying you should live to impress others but it is an added bonus. Blackletter, celtic, and script always seem to make an impression. People may even start asking you for writing favors or tips on how to improve their own handwriting. And that my friends, is how you slowly begin to inspire others. It always feels good to serve as a bit of inspiration. Plus when people look to you for favors, then you possibly get something in exchange. I’m talking cha-ching without even learning complicated brush calligraphy.

Fancy lettering can actually sell quite well. As long as it looks nice, people will want it for letters, cards, certificates, brand identities, etc. Your skill can be turned into profit and the more you practice, the better it looks, and the more profitable it becomes. If you’re already an artist then you can write words into your pieces as well and really make your work unique. Inspirational quotes on an artsy background sells well and people will be happy to buy a piece as home decor. You figure out how to write on mugs or other glassware and you’ll be swimming in cash in no time. Etsy users eat that kind of stuff up. There’s something authentic about handmade art that makes customers want to buy it so much more so than machine made designs.

Even if you’re not looking to make money, you probably have gotten into the whole Do-it-yourself, aka DIY, trend. You can have quotes, names, room signs, reminders, etc.,written on canvases and hung around your house. Talk about cheap but stylish room decor. There are no limitations to what you write. I’ve put calligraphy on multiple art pieces for decor. If you journal or write poetry then you’ll suddenly have the ability to make excerpts look gorgeous. And don’t we all want our work to look gorgeous? Go big or go home sis– and pen calligraphy is the perfect way to go big.

I love the fact that it’s a hobby you can practice whenever convenient. If you have a pen, or even better your calligraphy pen, and a piece of paper, then you can practice. A quick fix to boredom and simple way to be productive. Sitting at school? Work? The car? Whip those tools out and get designing. There are always new fonts to try. And it’s a graceful skill that makes you look put-together. Even if you’re not. Guilty hehe. Ready to hop on the wave?

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