How to get un-stuck from your routine and make everyday exciting

I began to realize how simple life could be if one had a regular routine to follow with fixed hours, a fixed salary, and very little original thinking to do.

Roald Dahl

Don’t be so quick to count down the days that you forget to make the days count.

Most of us have some form of routine. The common ones include morning routines, nighttime routines, and school or work routines. Some form of pattern that guides our daily actions. Let’s be honest–It would be challenging to live differently everyday. Having a daily routine brings a degree of comfort and safety in doing what you’ve always done. There’s no shame in admitting or even embracing that.

But a lot of people find themselves dissatisfied and bored more times than not. Every day is basically the same thing and you begin counting down the days to something out of the ordinary rather than making each day count. Don’t worry, we’ve all been guilty of it at some point. Change can be scary but it can also be exciting. Even something little can be enough to brighten up an ordinary day. Fun isn’t only for kids and trying new things isn’t just for the young. (We’re all young at heart anyways.) My teacher asked me something this past week that I felt was a bit motivating so I’ll ask you the same thing. “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” It could possibly have been last weekend or even yesterday but can you recall how it made you feel? I’m not saying it was the most exhilarating thing ever but it was still you trying something you’ve never experienced before. You got a bit out of your comfort zone and there’s pride in that. Changing up your daily routine isn’t shouldn’t be scary but it needs to be something you really want to do or else you’ll fall back into habit. So are you ready to make that change?

How to get out of your daily routine

It’s time to start writing down some goals. Most of us already keep planners and some of us keep journals. Mash those two things together and you get a bullet journal. According to author, Ryder Carroll, a Bullet Journal is meant “to help you track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future.” You capture information in bulleted lists and design your future. If you feel like that would take just a bit too much time then you can by all means just choose to keep a goal tracker. Somewhere where you write down your hopes, short-term, and long-term goals for the life you want to live. You likely have goals you forgot about. Falling into a routine will do that to you. Writing down is like a way of holding yourself accountable. If you see it written down everyday then there’s no way you’ll forget it and you can’t use that excuse. Seeing it on paper(or on a device if you prefer) along with a “game-plan” makes it feel more real and accomplish-able in the long run. Don’t weigh yourself down but motivate yourself to take baby steps towards the things that are important to you. When you have the goal set and possibly even the time you want it done by then you’ll be less likely to waste excessive time watching videos or tv shows. You’ll spend less time on unimportant tasks or actions you’ve just gotten into the habit of doing.

While riding solo is always nice, having others with you can be so much more fun. That being said, it may be time that you branch out. Likely you’ve got into the custom of hanging out with the same people. Your immediate family pretty much sums up your association. And I respect that, because we all love a family woman or man. But spending time with different people keeps life interesting(dare I say spicy.) Same plan. Different person. New experience. Cool right? You could do something over and over again but it’ll never feel the exact same if you swap out your mom for your cousin, best friend for niece, or uncle for coworker/classmate. There are few things more exciting than making a new friend. Branching out of your comfort zone isn’t only advice for kids.

Start making plans instead of waiting for others to make them for you. Don’t wait around for an invitation–take the initiative and figure out the events you want to attend and things you want to do. Go online and search, ask around, or keep up with the news. There’s always some new event coming up and there are likely activities you’ve kind of wanted to do for a long time now. You either keep pushing it off or forgetting. Sure, staying home on the weekends and watching episodes is nice, but going out with friends or even by yourself can be so much more enjoyable. It’s what some call “living life to the fullest.” You don’t have to overload your weekends or weigh yourself down with plans but try thinking ahead. Don’t necessarily wait till the day of something to figure out whether or not you’re actually going to do it. Your motivation will be a lot lower since nothing is arranged. The best part? Plans don’t even have to be expensive. They can actually be free, like fishing at the park or sightseeing. You could maybe try planning your calendar at the beginning of the month. Give people a couple weeks heads up so that they’ll know to keep their schedule free.

Take up a new hobby (or revive an old one!) No secret that learning a new skill or falling back into love with an old one requires a change in how you spend your time. Evaluate yourself. When was the last time you took up a new hobby? Do you always spend time on the same one or two or do you not even have any anymore? A lot of people leave behind the excitement of developing new hobbies that they’re truly passionate about in their teens or young adulthood. No more playing an instrument or sport. They’ve gotten too content with the same activities. Perhaps cooking or cleaning are your main past-times. Just remember its never too late to start up something new.

Challenge your habits. We all have a few things we do every single week. Maybe even day. A long time ago you started this habit and you haven’t broken it ever since. Be it taking a neighborhood walk, getting a milkshake on Fridays, sleeping in on weekends, waking up after hitting the snooze exactly 3 times, going to bed at 2, grocery shopping on Mondays, literally anything. You’re just so use to doing these things that you almost can’t imagine a world without them. Almost. You don’t have to entirely stop any of your old habits but we urge you to change up your status quo a bit. See how you would feel changing up your schedule. You may be surprised how freeing it can become.

We often don’t realize how profoundly of an impact our friends and family have on us. Scratch that–literally any associate. Just because your ready for change, doesn’t mean those around you are. You don’t want to allow them to “guilt-trip” you though about “not being satisfied” or “discontent” with a “perfectly fine lifestyle” If you’re ripe for turning over a new leaf, then don’t let anyone else hold you back. You shouldn’t feel bad about how you exchange your time and they’ll just have to understand that certain sacrifices may need to be made. If you have to swap out some of your time hanging out with them then just try to find a gradual balance, no need to go cold-turkey and cut them out of your routine entirely. If you go to the mall with them every Friday but you want to start going to the gym, then try for every third Friday or simply once a month for your mall trip together. That way you get the win-win of being able to still hang with them while working towards your new goals. It may not necessarily be a new year but you can still be a new you.