How to Stay Organized as Teens

This advice can truly apply to anyone. Teens are emerging young adults who have busy lifestyles and lots of energy. They also have one major thing. SCHOOL. School is pretty much the equivalent to a job. Some would not feel that way. School is 7 hour day ( with a 45 minute lunch included) while work is generally 9 hour (with an hour lunch included). Adults also have to manage taxes, bills, and other responsibility. While teens do not have to do those thing, they still have alot to do! They have to do tons of homework and keep up with all their classes. Teens have to study alot. They are also under pressure to prepare for college and adulthood. Alot still just want to have fun and this can mean forgetting to keep things organized and clean. Here are a few pointers on how we stay organized as teens

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1. Make a To-Do List

Prioritize what your after school plans will be.

2. Keep a distraction to-do list

when trying to stay focused on a task but your mind is reeling with other things, write it down

3. Try a White Board Calendar

Have a big board to hang up in your room that is easy to erase and and add on new tasks.

4. Bullet Journal

Get a bullet Journal, Planner, Agenda, etc.
The “scientific name” for a bullet journal is an organizational system in a notebook that keeps track of anything you would like to write down in an coherent way

5. Keep Track Of Your Money

Get your driver licence, debit/ credit cards together and safe. This is also important if you want to appear responsible to your parents.

other important things to keep track of are…

  • keys
  • Debit/ Credit Card
  • Drivers License/ Permit

6. Monitor Grades Regularly

Make sure that your teachers are not slipping! Check to make sure all your work is being properly graded. Doing this regularly is important because you do not want to be the one student who is complaining at a teacher over an assignment due 2 weeks ago. Just saying!

7. Set Some Goals for Yourself OUTSIDE of school

School should not be your entire life

Famously said by…

These goals could just be things like starting a new hobby like instruments, painting, sports etc. You could even try to learn things or create things that may be profitable in the long run like

  • a new language
  • editing
  • coding
  • hair styling
  • makeup art
  • painting
  • crafting
  • crocheting
  • and more!

9. Clean

Clean your backpack, room, under your bed, bathroom, and everywhere! A declutter room makes for a decluttered mind.

10. Have a Morning and Nighttime routine

The morning routine should start right when you wake up and until you leave

It could involve an early morning workout/ stretch, writing, cleaing, cooking breakfast, etc.

Nighttime would be probably about an hour before you plan on going to sleep. Pick out clothes for the next day, read a book, take a hot shower, Drink milk, and just do whatever necessary to unwind for the day.

I also feel that teens are under a lot of pressure. They have the whole future to prepare for in an unpredictable world. The economy is also pretty hard on young adults.