DIY Room Decor on a Budget

“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.” Saul Bass

Don’t we all love stylish, classy room decor? There’s a degree of pride and simplicity when you can decorate with objects that you personally made; aka DIY. There’s a reason that DIY is such a big trend. If done correctly, it can save you money and leave you with incredibly unique statement pieces. It’s time to start thinking outside the box and create the room that you want.

Luckily, we’ve rounded up a nice starting place for you. We’ve taken pictures of and described some of our favorite pieces of DIY room decor in our own room, so hopefully we’ll inspire you to try your own hand at some!

Canvas Art

Don’t let not being an “artist” scare you off. Beautiful canvas work can be created from abstract or simple designs. If you have some paint then great, there’s nothing holding you back from trying. Canvases are extremely versatile mediums so if you’re not a big painter, then you can write, preferably some calligraphy, on the canvas and hang or prop it up.

There are tons of different sizes you can choose from, and if your shopping discounts or in bulk, then you can catch some really good deals. Canvases generally are pretty cheap and you can use them for a variety of purposes. They can even serves as “bulletin” boards, if you have thumb tacks or post-it notes. We even have a brown-ish canvas that we stick photos into.

Cheap Plates and Dishware

This may sound a bit weird for room decor but plates can make for totally personalized decorations. We buy antique-looking plates from the goodwill and then paint on them to reflect our room’s theme–but of course, you can leave yours blank.They’re another medium that comes in tons of different sizes. We definitely recommend dishes that are not glassware though as they’re not nearly as heavy and pose a significantly lower risk of breaking.

You won’t save much money on decor if you buy new dish sets, so keep that in mind. The fun comes in painting the center and propping them up in your room. Try to only buy plates that you find attractive without any further manipulation. They’re unique DIY pieces that also make for amazing gifts.Mugs are also a trendy way to store your belongings. “Office” supplies fit perfectly in them.

Our mugs are pretty huge and match in a subtle manner. Cheap mugs can make for gorgeous decor on their own, but you can really get crafty by designing it yourself. Mugs are definitely not just for drinking anymore. You can paint them, emboss them,  put glitter or other designs on them.


Yarn has fallen a bit out of fashion these days, but it isn’t any less useful. The different colors of yarn alone can be enough to hang up and spice up your living space. You can even wrap yarn around a canvas or piece of cardboard for a real signature piece.

I love crocheting so picking up any skill from knitting to embroidering to macrame can turn into a great, efficient way to produce cheap creations. I’ve crocheted amigurumi toys  and jewelry designs that I can put around my room.

You can even make curtains, rugs, or blankets– though those definitely do take time. If you don’t want to take up a new hobby , then you can find different creative uses for the yarn.

String Art

String art is not a skill to be taken lightly. It requires some time and planning. Fortunately, it still makes the cut as being cheap and completely DIY. All you need is a piece of wood, some string (in our case, crochet thread), nails, and a hammer.

First trace your design on the wood with a pencil. We strongly recommend pre-planning where each nail is going to be placed. It doesn’t seem extremely necessary until you have it all laid out in front of you with no assurance of how it’s going to turn out looking.

You can find plenty of gorgeous thread colors at a craft store– we chose A.C. Moore. We find crochet thread to be the optimal thickness since honestly, sewing thread is too fine and more of a hassle to work with. Actual yarn is too thick and fuzzy. Of course, you can research some more about the kind of string to use, but just make sure you have a good amount of nails to start.

Consider the complexity of your design and decide what size wood to use. You can even paint or stain the wood beforehand. For something a bit simpler, and even safer, you can use a poster board instead with holes punched through. Then all you have to do is thread the string through each hole to create the pattern instead of using nails.

You can even try experimenting with letters. Your options are limitless, and if you make your art mathematically based, then you’ll have yourself a piece valuable enough to be sold. People eat that kind of thing up.

Re-usable Planner/ Calendar

Don’t we all love a “go-green” way of doing things? You can be environmentally chic and trendy at the same time. Per usual, we got our inspiration from Pinterest.

We got a big nice picture frame from an old photo. The photo had belonged to our grandma but had long last it’s use, so yes, we got it for free. We then got paint cards/samples that at least remotely matched our room’s theme. Cut out about 31 of those and you got yourself color-schemed days.

Glue them down and slide them into the frame. You get yourself a dry-erase board on the cheap. Hang it on the wall and you won’t need to buy any calendars anymore.

Untraditional Painting– Don’t be shy

Alot of adults automatically cower at the idea of painting something that wasn’t originally intended to be painted on. It’s like this fear factor ingrained in us as children. But nobody ever accomplished anything extraordinary by doing the expected. Dare we say: basic. *insulted gasp*

We challenge you to paint something in your room on a random object or surface. You want to be little Picasso and paint on your wall then go for it, but we’re referring more to actual objects or room furniture.

In our case, we’ve painted on our bookshelf and wardrobe. We even have mini jewelry dressers that we painted on ourselves. Trust us, you can take any piece of boring material and jazz it up significantly by simply painting it.

We have three of our own examples in the above photos. We painted some good ol’ piano eys on our wardrobe, a swirly Eiffel tower nature design on our bookshelf, and a starry sunset on our mini jewelry dresser. Not a big fan of detailed paintings? Then try a simple design like geometric shapes.

Clay Figures

Clay is a really fun medium to work with. It’s extremely malleable and completely open to your imagination. Oven-bake clay is the kind of clay we’re referring to, which hardens after achieving your desired shape. The last thing you want is clay mushed into your carpet.

There are a lot of different colors and your style of clay designs is fully up to you. You can go nature-based, fashion-based, tribal, indie, African, anything. They’re super cute to set up around your room.

You can try your hand at carving or pottery. We don’t know anything about making pots or vases so you’ll have to research some more on that. You pick up a really crafty skill though if you’re willing to invest your time. Cost may become a larger factor as well so balance the money you’re saving through DIY with how much you have to spend to buy supplies. Not much point in Doing it Yourself if it costs more than buying it in the first place,

DIY Snow Globe (Or even “Sun” Globe)

Now this craft can just about be as expensive or cheap as you want it to be. Of course in our case, we opted for cheap. Once again we took a trip to one of our local craft stores and purchased the materials with a good ole 40% off coupon. The materials are still pretty cheap though, especially if you’re planning to make multiple.

All you need is a clear jar, some glitter, glycerin, water, and a figurine to go inside. The jar doesn’t even have to be a sphere (even though it wouldn’t classify as a “globe” anymore.) In true crafter etiquette, we made the figurine out of hot glue ourselves. It was a cute little polyhedron snowman. (That’s right–it doubled as our math project.)

The real kicker is that ours isn’t even filled with liquid anymore. You can choose to just pour the glycerin and water in, swish the glitter around, and pour it out. Alot of the glitter will stick to the sides due to the glycerin. That way you have a light decoration that’s mess-proof.

Wanna take it one extra step? You can even put an artificial candle inside to give the globe a nice, glowing flicker. It’ll be like your own sun globe, since snow globes are so last Winter.

Check out our YouTube Video to see all of our DIY decor

Make sure to check out some of our other posts for more inspiration!

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