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10 Unique Hobbies To Turn Into Money

Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.

David frost

We’ve all heard the saying that if you do something you love, you won’t ever work a day in your life. There’s a measure of truth to that. We can see it becoming the trend nowadays to follow your heart and “dream big.” Today’s work is like work never seen before. You no longer have to work in factories, office buildings, or agricultural labor to make money. Thankfully you can actually turn your interests into jobs, even from the comfort of your own home. You got your Youtubers, Social Media Stars, Bloggers (He He), Poshmarkers, Etsy-ers– everything. Your services can be available to anyone through the Internet, so why not take advantage of it? If you feel like it’s time to modernize yourself and take a up a hobby for a quick money side job, then you’ve come to right place. You probably already have a hobby you can cash in.

Wood Working/ Wood Burning

Let’s start off big, shall we? Chances are you’ve never even thought about serious taking up this skill. Possibly, you think it’s a bit too dangerous. Sure that’s understandable but as with any new thing you learn, practice and safety preparation will make it that much easier. You just have to let your inner wood wicker shine.

As always, we encourage you to research some more about how to get started. There will be some initial expenses, but once you master your new skill, you can make 10 times that with the wood designs you sell!


This one is definitely a hobby younger people seem to skip right over. Maybe it’s not seen as invigorating enough or something but we can speak from personal experience, that it’s tons of fun once you get the hang of it. There are tons of possibilities using different yarns, threads, and hook sizes.

People really like hand-made threaded items so we can group knitting, sewing, cross-stitching, and embroidery into this category. Our personal faves our jewelry making and amigurumi toys, but you can crochet larger items as well.

Not only is this skill a money maker , but it’s a major de-stresser as well. You’ll get “lost” in the thread at the end of a long day and benefit by engaging your mind in a thoughtful activity. We love being able to just throw a spool and hook in our bag and crochet on-the-go!


A lot of adults so call “grow out” of this activity. They view it more as a past-time for children without even realizing the total relaxation it brings to your day. You can literally paint anything you want– be it nature, people, abstract figures, places, animals, or symbols. Chances are if you like it, then there’s someone else out there who likes it to.

Express yourself through art that speaks to other people. Don’t rush and have it evoke a positive message. Use a variety of mediums and figure out which one would sell best. Don’t ever just limit yourself to paper. You can paint designs on plates, canvases, small pieces of furniture, notebooks, phone cases, mugs, etc.

If you already have a decent amount of artistic skill, then you should go ahead and get started. You can try selling pieces you’ve already painted and find even greater satisfaction in a past-time you already love.

Calligraphy (Heat-embossed too!)

Don’t shy away because you don’t have any fancy calligraphy tools. If you don’t have a quill or nibs or ink or basically anything, then all you need is a nice brush marker. Really work on mastering some certain fonts so that you’ll have a general look you specialize in. We won’t lie, the calligraphy industry can be a bit competitive so try your hardest to be neat and attractive.

Fortunately this is a skill you can pretty much practice anywhere, plus it’s enjoyable. If you’re good enough, you can write on your own hand-crafted greeting cards or post-cards. Heat embossing is a really popular method of using powder and heat to gloss your letters. It’s super pretty and can make any calligraphy look at least, decently professional. Click here for more on why pen calligraphy is such a useful skill.

Healthy Baking

Why not just “normal” baking? Because the title of this article is unique hobbies to make money, and since bake-sales and cookie stands are already pretty conventional ways of making a quick buck, it’s time to hop on the “diets” craze. Diet is a tad stigmatized nowadays, so we’ll just say lifestyle changes.

All around, you see people adopting new forms of eating like the Paleo diet, Ketogenic diet, Veganism, Whole30, Gluten-free diet, dairy-free diet, vegetarianism, etc. People actually want to be healthy but of course, they want a quick craving fix as well. A lot of sweets don’t fit into their allowed ingredients and they feel forced to make them all themselves. But *shocker* people get lazy. They don’t feel like making everything themselves just because they decided to cut some ingredients out of their lifestyles.

On Instagram, we see it all the time where new companies are popping up offering their food products that fit into specific food plans. They offering shipping and baked items in bulk. If you already know how to whip up some delicious treats using unique ingredients, you’ll be baking buck in no time.


This verb by itself is probably throwing you off a bit but chances are you already know what marbling is. Ever seen a marbled table or counter? There are ways to achieve that same look in a much simpler, craftier way. A lot of DIY gurus use nail polish to perfect that artsy random look.

If you’re good enough at it, you can basically marble anything. Nails are pretty popular, but you can also do dishware, appropriate notebooks, canvases, fabric, paper, or household items. It’s pretty cheap too since the main way of obtaining the design is with nail polish and water.


“Woah woah now, I don’t do Martial Arts.” Fortunately, despite its foreign name, that’s not what macrame is. For those unfamiliar, macrame is  a form of textile produced using knotting (rather than weaving or knitting) techniques. It creates a bohemian-chic look that luckily didn’t die out in the 70s.

It can be used to make wall hangings, jewelry, accessories, and clothing. Who doesn’t love hand-crafted wall decor? If extra materials isn’t your cup of tea, then you can macrame simply using the cord and your fingers to make knots. I’ve heard actual cord can air on the pricier side for beginners so try starting out with crochet thread or yarn for a lighter investment.


No shocker here. Cosmetology is such a wide field so you’re like 87% sure to find something you’re good at. People love dressing up and looking their best, but often times they feel like doing it themselves simply downplays what they’re working with. We’re sure you’ve thought it too before, you beautiful queen.

People will pay you if you’re skilled enough to avoid the costly salons and makeup artists. You can specialize in manicures, pedicures, facials, makeup, hair-styling, tweezing, waxing, eyebrow threading, etc.

You yourself can even be a walking advertisement. Don’t underestimate your cosmetology skills– you’re probably just a few extra practices away from being pay-worthy.


Swimming is something a lot of people learn how to do at a young age. At least, that’s what we’re assuming. You either do it for recreation or you do it for sport. But how about for cash? Lifeguards and pool attendants don’t just sit there to look pretty you know.

This is one of the few sports you can make money from without being national league talented. You should probably dive into that opportunity if you already know you’re good enough. Simply decent might not make the cut.

Prerequisites for lifeguarding include swimming a 300 (or 12 pool lengths), a timed brick test, and a two-minute “arm-less” treading test. Confident in your abilities? Then get started in your new aquatic career today.