The best inspirational quotes for students struggling with finals

Don’t stress. Do your best. Forget the rest.

So you’re finally at the most bitter-sweet time of the entire school year. Summer is right on the horizon, the weather’s warming up, your skin’s clearing up, you’re setting goals, vacations, and plans with friends but there’s still just one little thing that’s throwing off that end of year bliss. You know it’s big, looming, and the only thing everyone seems to be talking about. Finals.

At most traditional schools, finals take up a heaping 20% of your class grade for the whole year. And I may not be phenomenal at math, but it doesn’t take arithmetic to figure out that that’s basically a whole extra quarter crammed into one test. Who needs a quarter 5 when there’s a final exam already taking up that fraction of your year’s grade?

Some have 8, others have 6, tons have 4 and the lucky ones have less. But we all experience that nervous rush, granted at different intensities, during end-of-year prep. Trying to memorize everything, pay attention in class, research what you don’t understand, study notes at home, and still enjoy your last weeks’ of the school year can be a challenge. Sometimes you want to cry. Sometimes you want to scream. And sometimes you want to snap.

The first step in preventing that end-of-semester breaking point is calming down and taking a deep breathe. Chances are, the tests are much much more manageable than you or others are making them out to be. At the end of the day, they’re just that. Tests. They won’t last forever, you’ll move on, and you’ll likely regret wasting your pre-summer days stressing. So if you need a little boost to get out of the final exam study slump, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve collected a list of quotes to offer the motivation and inspiration you need to get your head in the game.

Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It’s courage that counts.

You’re off to great places, today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!


Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Keep in mind that nobody is “born smart.” You have just as much as a chance as the next guy and you shouldn’t let self-doubt hold you back. So no matter how intellectual someone naturally seems, you can always have the potential of reaching or surpassing their level of understanding. It took practice for them to get where they are, and it’ll take practice for you too get there too.

Exams aren’t easy and you’ll find that most of those students that seem “naturally” smart actually put in additional work instead of relying on their knack for certain topics. Fast understanding in a subject will only take you so far– it’s the extra effort that takes you to the finish line.

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think about what could go right.

Stay focused and stay determined. Don’t look to anyone else to be your determination – have self-determination. It will take you very far.

Justice Smith

It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.

This may be hard to believe, but finals are only as difficult as you make them to be. How you choose to study, prioritize, allot your time, and ask questions is all up to you. Studying doesn’t have to feel rushed or stressful depending on how you personalize your learning time. You know what kind of environment works for you and applying that can be the crucial difference between a productive study session and a busy study session.

Your mindset creates your reality, so how you allow yourself to feel about exams has a big effect on the pressure you feel during preparation.

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.

Focus on being productive, not busy.

Be stronger than your excuses.

In the middle of ever difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein

When you’re studying, try to find the little things that interest you. Remember that despite how systematic and boring the whole process can seem, you’re still learning something new. Possibly something that if you miss this time, you won’t ever be able to learn again.

You’ll be grateful in the future, that you took advantage of this time to actually grow as a person and intelligent thinker. Throughout your study sessions, you’re able to develop your critical thinking, organization, and planning skills. You figure out what study methods work best for you, and you can use your realizations to help other students.

Once you start experimenting with new solutions to difficulty, you’ll begin realizing the little experiences you were missing out on. You’ll learn both your strengths and your weaknesses, and personal development is important growth for every individual.

“I gave myself permission to make mistakes. I wouldn’t ever give myself permission not to try.”

Steve pavlina

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

Nelson mandela

So now you have a better idea of how you should be feeling, how you plan to feel that way, and why your thought process is crucial to your personal success. Now you just have to actually apply this new-found inspiration. Finals will be over before you know it. Soon this school year will be over and your grades will just be a memory.

Who knows? You may even forget every single grade you got. But you’ll never forget the way you reacted or how the stress made you feel. Let’s try to ace that mental health exam, shall we?

Good luck!