Summer Bucket List: Our 2019 Goals as Students (Including DIY planning and Beauty Ideas)

The concept of boredom entails an inability to use up present moments in a personally fulfilling way.
 Wayne Dyer

So it’s finally summer, meaning that for a lot of you students out there, you have (nearly) three blissful months of school-free days. It’s easy to fall into pattern of unproductivity consisting of Netflix and sleeping, so it’s important to set the goals you’d like to reach by the end of the season. You don’t want to start feeling bored or lonely in the long days to follow. We mean– school isn’t everything. There’s literally the whole rest of your life to explore. But that doesn’t mean that even the best of us don’t need reminders and suggestions for how to make the most out of a time where much isn’t expected of you.

Of course, you can have your lazy days. It’s okay to sleep in or do movie marathons sometimes but you don’t want to throw away a Summer filled with so much potential and possibilities. Just look at all the movies (On second though, don’t.) There’s plenty to do and so many plans you can make for yourself. Being a student on Summer Break is a unique time in your life that you likely won’t ever get again, where you don’t have to work or go to school. Though a lot of students do choose to some form of one of those during their free time.

You’re completely in charge of constructing the Summer you want. So if we were you, we’d whip out a bullet journal and start listing down some goals for before school starts up again in late August. We even set up “game plans” in ours for how we plan to achieve those goals. On to our Bucket List.

  1. Try Gardening for the First Time– Plant Cilantro and Bell Peppers

  2. Sell at least One Item Online

  3. Intern

  4. 24 Blog Posts (2 every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays!)

  5. Improve Volleyball Skills

  6. Get Stronger

  7. Keep practicing Spanish

  8. Learn more HTML

  9. Improve Calligraphy

  10. Crochet More

  11. Create our own crochet pattern

  12. Improved our Designing Skills on the Adobe Creative Cloud

  13. At least one job opportunity

  14. Prep for Pre-Calculus and AP Environmental Science Next year

  15. Grow Blog Following

  16. Thrift some old clothes

  17. Make more Jewelry
  18. Improve swimming

  19. Focus more on religious goals

  20. Work more on flexibility

  21. Keep our room cleaner.                      
  22. Hair inversion method on our hair.

  23. Heat Emboss more of our lettering.

  24. Maximum Hydration Method on our Hair

  25. Crochet summer clothing

26. Learn how to neatly stitch cornrow

27. Blend uniquely flavored nut butters

28. Try out door-to-door selling

29. Spend time with our cousins

30. Travel out of state

31. Participate in first focus group

32. Try out wire jewelry making

So we’ve got a pretty goal-rich Summer ahead of us. Meaning we better get to it. Sure would mean alot if you’d help us out with #15! Now its your turn to make your own list.

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