16 Life Lessons Told By 16 year olds

In our 16 long years of life I feel I have learned quite a bit about it! Life can really feel like He*l sometimes! It can also be pretty great once you learn from experience. Here is what life has taught me…

You have to be your own person

(it wasn’t until fifth grade that I realized my sister and I would have to be separated as well!)

As I got up into my elementary years, I guess I slowly got worse at picking friends! I made friends with people who had huge egos. Apparently my personality was so laid back that I attracted people like this. It took me a while to finally learn to let go of bad friends. and when I say a while, I mean YEARS! I made multiple negative energy friends throughout middle school. I thought I would keep that going but I finally stopped in high school.

In eight grade I settled with a closer knit group of friends. Quality over quantity!

Think Outside The Box

Most kids learn this one quickly. Vivid Imagination is honestly a super power. I hope I never lose the ability to really imagine things. I think that is what got us started on DIY crafts. There are so many possibilities of what we imagined something could be.

I could imagine a whole world and it was pretty amazing. Imagining these things made my own life more exciting lol. It keeps you motivated and always striving.

Time never stops

AKA I wasn’t going to be a kid forever!

I don’t know if every child has this realization but I know I sure did. Call it a mid life kid life crisis. I was about 9 when I started stressing. Middle school was right around the corner for me. My older brother was getting close to highschool. All my friends start maturing( at different rates) and you have to readjust to new personalities. It is sometimes like making friends with an entirely new person! It was strange how hard reality hit.

Don’t be dependent on others for your own happiness

People are dissappinting! I learnes this early on as a kid. They do unexpected things and their is nothing I can do to control them.

If you follow the crowd, you might get lost in it

You don’t have to please everyone.

People are hard to satisfy. Some people are just negative and they will never try to see anything positive in me. It is important to not let negative people make me bitter as well.

Attitudes are contagious.

Don’t take yourself so seriously!

The world did not revolve around me. Other people have their own problems and they honestly were not watching me as much as it felt like!

My biggest goal for my future is to be happy

Alot of people asked me as a teenager, what did I want to pursue. They asked me about college, career, money, success, etc. I kept trying to figure out how I could be successful in other peoples eyes. Now I realize that as long as I am happy, I will be okay. So whatever I do, it will be for me.

Don’t stress over things I can not control

I often felt like so many things would bother me. I would work to try to prevent them and it would drive me crazy. I have learned that working on things that I can control is the way to be happy. It also will not waste your time and energy.

Time is Precious (AKA money!)

I really do not want to waste time anymore. The days move so quick and it is easy to get left behind. Sometimes determining what is a waste of time is strictly just an opinion.

If you enjoy doing something, is it really a waste of time? (even if it is T.V!)

Step out of my comfort zone

I mainly learned to do this one with people. I would have so many less friends if I had decided to never step out of my comfort zone

A positive mindset is everything

This doesn’t necessarily mean to lower your standards. It means to be satisfied with what you have. Everything is not going to be the vision of perfect that you see in your head but that is okay!

Comparing yourself to others and jealousy need to avoided to remain positive.

Things have to Change Whether We Like it or Not

Good things don’t last forever. But neither do bad. Point is things are always changing. I see that I will have to learn to accept it.

Expect the unexpected.

Being productive and being busy are very different thing

Sometimes I thought that If I was very busy at school with work then I was making the best use of my time. I think productive actually means you are learning stuff though. Possibly whatever you are doing will help your future. Being busy kinda just sucks sometimes but it does keep your mind thinking.

Be Proud of Yourself

Even the little things count.

Be proud of yourself when you simply just step out of your comfort zone. I remember feeling happy when I would just talk to someone new or excercise when I was tired.

Don’t Believe Everything

Sad but true. Trust is something that takes a while to build. But you better wait it out! Some people lie with so much ease, it is scary. It is like second nature to them. Lying is something that even kids learn early on in life. They likely won’t stop either.

If you Want Something, Fight For It!

persevere in hard times. The struggle is real. motivation