Homemade Vegetable Snacks to Guilt-free Binge

First of all, these snacks are deliciously healthy. Second of all, they’re low calorie. Which means you can guiltlessy binge eat! What’s not to love? These are snacks that we unlimitlessly dig into with no regrets.

Kale chips

Kale chips can easily be made right in your kitchen. All you need is an oven, a pan, sea salt, and kale. Kale chips take about 20 minutes on 250 degrees. They provide a satisfying crunch with each bite!

Celery Fries

Celery is a very popular low calorie food. Each stalk only has only 10 calories. They can actually be pretty filling due to the high water levels. This recipe only calls for garlic, sea salt, and celery. You can add additional cajun seasoning. Then bake until crispy. You can add a little parmesan cheese too.

Black Pepper Tomato Salad

I prefer Banana or bell peppers for this mix. You can cut up your own tomatoes or buy grape tomatoes. Sprinkle some black pepper on top. It reminds me a bit of pico de gallo. The black pepper is really good and adds exstensive flavor. Additionally, I sometimes add hot sauce.

The overall ingredients

Carrot Cake Cookie Bite

Below is a our delicious low calorie version

Get oats and whole wheat flower for the cookie base.

Add in some mixed sweet potato to help solidate the cookie.

Mix in almond milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla.

Add a tad bit of baking soda.

Then throw in diced carrots. These are probally the healthiest cookies you will ever taste.

The normal recipe typically calls for normal milk, raisins, eggs, sugar, brown sugar, raisin and coconut.


Chili Lemon Cucumbers

Otherwise known as mexican cucumbers! These are some spicy treats that remind us of authentic sweet mexican food. All the ingredients are in the name. You will need cucumbers, lemon juice, and chilli powder. Cucumbers with a zesty lemon drizzle.

You can add in some egg to the mix. Then bake in oven on 350.

Roasted Cinnamon Eggplant

You can roast the eggplant in your toaster. They resemble apples but are quicker to roast. Add cinnamon and nutmeg on top once finished toasting.

Hope you guys got some new ideas! Happy snacking! 🙂