Is Working Out Everyday Worth it?

I work out almost everyday and it has become a normal part of my routine. I actually feel a little odd if I have not worked out. People seem to make the same old excuse about working out.

  • I don’t have the time
  • The gym Is too expensive
  • I’m to embarrassed to workout at the gym
  • I get bored easily and working out is not fun
  • I’m just too tired

Sometimes these excuses are legit and I have even used a few of them.

But to be brutally honest, if you really want to work out and get fit…

then you will.

On average, we have 16 hours in a day (8 hours of sleep). Most people work full time jobs so that does take a huge chunk away from the day. You also have to clean, shop, pay bills, take care of kids, etc. We also have a lot of free time which we don’t really think of. Do you have a morning routine? What about a night time routine? Do you really take a full hour at lunch?

If not, Use this time!

Working out is exciting for me. I like to switch it up and try different things everyday. I look at working out as something productive and mentally easy for me.

You can just let go and go crazy.

I do not think working out everyday is necessary to lose weight, be fit, gain muscle, or be healthy!

…..But I Still Do It

I really enjoy working out and I think it is a good way to unwind. We all have free time and working out is something that I generally choose to do first in mine. I have other hobbies as well. The last things I do is watch TV, play games, etc. I like the stories but I don’t feel like I have to watch TV everyday.

Working out is a bit of a “time killer” too lol! So it keeps me out of trouble when I have “too much” free time.


Improve Strength and Endurance (obvious one!)

Never worry about gaining weight

Relieve stress regularly

Don’t feel guilty when overeating.

Spend more time thinking

Spend less time watching T.V

Boost Energy

Make Friends at The Gym!

Working out too much can have negative results

You will wear and tear your body down quicker. You will have to get used to be sore a little more often.

I do not work the same muscles everyday

Some days I do cardio like dancing, jump rope, running. I also bike alot! These are all great workouts for your legs.

Other days I specifically focus on weights and ab training.

I change my level of intensity and the length of time I take working out everyday.

My lay low semi rest days are days where I just bike or do some quick abs. My workouts range from 30 minutes to an Hour. Nothing too complicated.

Working out everyday to me is worth it.