The Best Things to Sell on Etsy in July and the Coming Months

“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.”

Mandy hale

So in light of finally opening my own Etsy Shop, I decided that I was going to have to do some serious research. Etsy is a platform that thrives on trends and popular subjects. You don’t grow a successful shop through luck. You have to find a way to adapt your talent to what consumers actually want. And trust me, that can be a challenge.

I used Marmalead Pro, a skilled Etsy analytical software to track popular keywords by month. With that research, considering how the Entertainment industry influences the keywords for that month, I’ve also been able to make some research-backed predictions for the coming months.

To begin, here’s the list of the most popular keywords from June.

  1. game of throne
  2. mothers day gift
  3. harry potter
  4. stickers
  5. fathers day gift
  6. earrings
  7. slime
  8. wedding dress
  9. bts
  10. pokemon

Before doing monthly segmentation, I’ll just say that Weddings, Harry Potter, and BTS seem to always be popular themes regardless of the time. Stickers, Earrings, and Wedding Dresses seem to be the most sought out purchases on the platform.

Given that Toy Story 4 came out on June 20th, and engagement, searches, and listings of toy story were the highest that they’ve been on Etsy in years, I’m making a couple of educated assumptions concerning popular movies being released soon. And that goes without saying that the Live Action Aladdin came out in May of this year and the engagement of that search soared from only 800 in April to 2300 in May.


Lion King— Will be released July 18th

Leo –-The zodiac sign is always highest in July, and second highest in August. Marmalead’s forecast for this month is an engagement 4012.

Icecream— It may be a popular search because National Ice cream day is the third Sunday in July

Ruby— July’s birth stone

Apple— July’s birth tree

Cheesecake— It may be a popular search because National Cheesecake Day is July 30th

Stranger Things— season 3 premiered in early July

Crab— Cancer horoscope sign; searches are highest in July

School— searches skyrocket in July and stay relatively high in August

Planners— since the new school year is coming up

Just in case you were wondering, even though Independence Day is in July, engagement with the keyword “patriotic” skyrockets in June. By July, it already decreases substantially.






Sapphire— huge peak in engagement due to being September’s birth stone





Riverdale— Season 3 premieres on October 11th

13 reasons why











Year Planners

New Year stickers

Best of luck with your etsy businesses my friends! Glad to be part of such a crafty community.