My all-time favorite Summer Hairstyles for Natural Hair

It’s more than just hair, it’s an attitude.

Curly girl

Alright y’all. I’m not saying that you have to wear these styles during Summer, but I am saying that you’ll slay them if you do. Your neck will thank you. Your ends will thank you. Your forehead will thank you. Your lil boo thing will thank you. (Don’t worry single ladies, I don’t have one either.) But most importantly, you’ll thank yourself.

You can look cute on the cheap all Summer. You can enjoy the warmer months despite the humidity or arid heat. You can even get in the water and come out cute. Yes– no more “I can’t get my hair wet.” This Summers is YOURS curlfriend, and everyone else is just along for the ride.

Bantu Knots

Yes, when deciding between doing something or not– you knot. Bantu knots are so so versatile. Just look at the girl in this photo. Find a way to jazz up the style and make it unique to you. Tame that frizz, slick it down, go “crazy” with the parts, and you’ll have yourself a geometric sassy mama hairdo. Their’s an African queen somewhere deep in all of us.

Adding extensions may be the way to go if you want a fuller style with more height. I prefer bantu knots that look like the ones in photo. Of course, not saying that there’s a wrong way to bantu knot….but there are ways to dim your cuteness. I’ll just say to give yourself some time to actually do some neat parts and I’ll leave it at that.

Can we just appreciate how gorgeous she is?

Warrior goddess natural hair updo

I’ve always been a fan of this ‘do. It’s just the level of extra I aspire to be without crossing a line. Whenever I wear any form of warrior braid, I get tons of compliments. And you can too. Just add in some hair to your ponytail and braid that mess down. Or you can even use your natural hair if you’re content with your length.

This style is pretty simple too. Depending on how quick you can cornrow, the style can take about twenty minutes. You can cornrow the front of your hair however you want by the way. I love how airy the style is on the back of your neck. You still get to rock a long hairstyle without it heating up or scratching your neck. Definitely a win. Plus you get a protective style that can last up to two weeks.

Faux Cornrow Bun

Honestly, buns are so perfect for the Summer months. They’re low maintenance, lightweight, and allow your neck to breathe. And sweating doesn’t effect the back of your style. Faux cornrows to me, are when you section off your hair with rubber bands and attach the hair in front to the section behind. The picture demonstrates what I mean pretty well.

Adding a piece to your bun will make for the most protection. As always, you can personalize the front however you want.

Double Cornrow Bun

I absolutely love how classy and simple this style is. It is literally perfect for hot, sweaty weather. You can either do one or 2 cornrows on both sides and then pulls them back into a bun. This is a super protective style, even if you don’t add in any hair.

Just make sure the part is me for a professional appearance. This style can last up to 3 weeks, depending on maintenance. You can wear it to the gym, beach, pool, whatever. It’s suitable for all occasions.

Braided Headband

This style isn’t quite as protective as the others, but it’s definitely as attractive. It’s simpler and perfect for when you want to rock your natural. You can choose to do a twist out, braid out, flat twist out, or cornrow out in the back, for a curlier look.

This is one of my favorite half up half down styles since the front can always vary. You can do, however, many cornrows you want, just remember to pin up the ends.

Fulani Puff

I honestly love all kinds of Fulani braids. The style originates with a tribe in Africa and the single middle braid always makes for an exotic, as well as festive look.

Honestly, Fulani based styles always look great to me, regardless of whether it’s a twist out, fully braided style, or puff. Puffs are just the quickest and simplest to put in yourself. They’re not quite as protective if you don’t add in hair, but I normally will do the fully braided styles in colder weather, since like hair is more prone to damage then.

Staples for me for Fulani styles are always the 2 side burn cornrows that face forward and are typically beaded at the ends. Ladies normally get pretty festive with this style, adding embellishments ranging from hair jewelry clips to cowrie shells to beads.

Scarf Pompadour

I’ve been in love this style ever since I first saw Alicia Keys and Andrea Day rocking it. This is literally the epitome of a classy, sassy, simple style on the go. Your hair is all pinned up and off your shoulders, and the bang adds a nice touch of spice.

I would recommend using a silk scarf since they’re the most gentle on your hair, but any pattern will work. I love bright colors in summer. You can perfect this look on your natural hair and it takes about 5 minutes tops.

Senegalese Twists

Let’s be real Senegalese twists are great for any time of the year. They’re relatively quick, simple, and can be changed depending on the day. Plus, they’re super protective, so what’s not to love?

During summer, I tend to really go heavy with embellishments like gold clips and flowers. For an even more stylish yet realistic look, I’d suggest Passion twists. The curly ends are so gorgeous and hold better than straight synthetic hair.

Afro Puff Bubble Ponytails

Aren’t these literally so cute? I’m talking serving serious Disney princess vibes on the daily. You’ll look like a living Jasmine sister. If you can’t tell, this style is super simple. You don’t even have to put in cornrows if you don’t want to. Just add a piece of hair to the back of your puff and put bands on it. That simple.

The girl on the right has a relatively simple braided front that will probably take you 20 minutes tops to put in. The ponytail will take you like 5. This is yet another festive, extra style that will last you up to two weeks.

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