Eating Nothing but Vegetables and Fruit All Day

Over the summer, I have successfully spent days were I ate nothing but fruit and vegetables.

I guess it is was like an extreme Paleo Vegan diet. It was an interesting experiment to try. I normally eat a very diverse assortment of foods. So this meant no meat, grains, milk products and etc. I didn’t really mean to do it first but it kinda just happened.

These were days that I did not go to the gym. I normally would like to eat a big dinner after the gym.

One thing about this meal plan is I can guilt free eat a lot all day. As long as it was fruit of course. I would have days where I would eat a whole half of a watermelon. (My family was not very happy!)

What I Ate

11:00-12:30 Breakfast Fruit for Breakfast:

Normally (A lot of) watermelon

Maybe an Apple

Berries ( Strawberries, blueberries)

So Basically a Big Fruit Salad

Hot Drink- watered down black coffee

or this low calorie hot cocoa power. I put about 1/2 a tbsp in hot water and it is a nice alternative to coffee.

Daytime Snacking: Cucumbers, Cherry Tomatos, Grapes (a lot of grapes)

3:00-4:00 Lunch: Salad (typical normal romaine lettuce)

More Snacking:

Yes, I snack a lot!

Heated Onions, More berries, Maybe cabbage, Cauliflower

I would season my vegetables with garlic, paprika, red pepper seasoning, etc to add flavor. I also love hot sauce.

Another Hot Drink

Dinner: Salad, Orange, and Cantaloupe, broccoli, etc

Would I do it again?

Yes, but I would definitely not do this diet everyday. I felt so water bloated all the time. Fruit and vegetables have a lot of fiber and water so this was of course understandable. I couldn’t tell if I was full from the food or full from water. It felt odd having a slushy for a stomach.

I think I was hungry because I was usually pretty hungry the next day at morning time.

I snacked all day and didn’t have to worry about over eating.

Should you do it longer than one day?

I feel like this is a good detox diet. You would get your antioxidants and vitamins. says

Eating only fruits and vegetables for two weeks may not lead to too many health problems, but your body will be missing out on a number of essential nutrients, including protein, fat, iron, calcium and zinc.

I have heard of people’s hair thinning from vitamin deficit. I DO NOT want to lose my locks over my diet! I think I would get sick of eating so much water everyday.

My skin did seem clearer though so that’s a good perk.

Would I Do It For Wieght Loss?

This is not some kind of hidden secret to never gaining weight. Too much of anything can cause weight gain. Fruit has a lot of carbs.

Over the course of one day, I would eat a lot of fruit so I don’t really no how effective that would be. Fruit still does have calories so I could definitely still gain.

I do think it would be easier to maintain my weight as I didn’t eat any processed foods or major carbs. So I could see myself doing this for weight loss but not to get fit or gain muscle.

I think having a balanced diet of protein, grains, and other vitamins would make me feel my best. I think I would have the most energy that way.

Most fruits and vegetables contain Fructose, which is a form of sugar. Sugar is a carbohydrate. Sugar, if not used as energy for the body, turns to fat.

Some lean meats have less calories and will help you feel fuller. Some fish have 90 calories while a cup and a half of grapes have 90 calories too. So that’s that. Your’e probally going to snack on a lot of grapes because you won’t fill full.

Advice For Suceeding at the diet

Avoid water bloating

Pick Your fruit combos smartly

Season your Vegetables

Roast vegetables

Bake Fruit

Freeze fruit

Try Smoothies

Buy a variety of options

Drink less water

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