Trying out the wet look on Natural Type 4 Hair (and why it’s a waste of money)

True to our aliases of “try it twins,” we decided to hop on the growing YouTube Trend and try out the “wet look’ on our natural type 4 curls. Tons of YouTubers were showcasing this method on their extensions but we wanted to join the select few who were tackling this method with their full blown coily afros. And girl was it a task.

If you’ve ever thought about weighing your hair down with product to the point of it drooping from the weight, then this method sounds like the one for you. You got to go stupid and go crazy with the products to actually secure this look. Now is not the time to be stingey or use your high-quality top-dollar products. But….if you are not at all familiar with this trend, here’s how the wet look is supposed to make your hair look.

All my curly haired divas were serving looks huh?

So now that you have a visual representation of what the method is supposed to look like, we’ll get into our review of the experience.

The Products we used were:

Lotta Body Wrap Me Foaming Mousse with Coconut & Shea Oil

TGIN Green Tea Leave In Conditioner

Shea Moisture Sacha Inchi Oil Omega 3, 6, 9 Resue + Repair Curl Defining Smoothie

Xtreme Professional Wet Line Styling Gel Extra Hold Green

All these products are absolutely amazing and always do our hair extreme justice when used properly. The major thing that really threw me off with this trend is just how much of each product you really needed to use though. Type 4 curls are pretty resistant to laying down so when I tell you that you have to slick that mess back, you better listen. Gel is the main product you’ll need to be using so make sure you have a generous supply available and ready for use. If not, then your hair will just do it’s celestial thing and defy gravity.

There’s not much of a systematic procedure to applying the product. It’s best to tackle your curls in sections but how much of each product you’ll need to use will be entirely up to your hair. I’d trust though that the kinkier your texture (i.e type 4b and 4c), the more product you’ll need. Make sure you really hit your roots with the gel too, so your curls will truly look slick and laid down.

Anyways here’s our video experience of the whole process:

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Some photo representations of the ending below. Notice how we put *realistic* texture edition in the title , since the end result resembled actual type 3 curls, instead of weighed down synthetic waves.

Keep in mind this is how sister girl’s hair started… we came along way.

10 handfuls of gel later and I figured it was time to stop. I’m a student on a budget–I can’t afford to sacrifice but so much of my products for a trend on YouTube. Plus our foaming mousse took a real hit as well. The process was still interesting and dare I say, fun, so despite all I’ve said, we both plan to wear this look out one day in the future. Pretty comes at a price right?

We’d love to see your attempts at this look so make sure you share your experiences and/or photos on our Instagram here or Pinterest here. Commenting down below works too! We happily do shout-outs for those who do.

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