How to keep your Summer Body during the Colder Seasons (even though every body is a Summer Body!)

Fall is pretty much here. Autumn food is back in season. Pumpkin spice lattes, Hot cocoa, Halloween candy, sweet potato pie, thanksgiving food, ginger snap cookies, eggnog, gingerbread house- must I go on! On top of that, we have thick sweaters, knitted hats and boots we are about to pop out. Cold seasons are notorious for just staying in our houses cuddled up in blankets sipping cocoa near the fireplace.

And you can still do those things! But don’t cut out your workout. Summer may seem easier to workout to you. You can go running outside, swim at a pool, play volleyball with friends and more sunny festivities. Cold air just does not seem as appealing for outside workouts. However, maybe you should consider workouts during the winter.

Working out in cold air PROS

  • Boost Immune System
  • Boost metabolism
  • Shed more calories

Winter Workout Clothes

I like working out in thicker undergarments and fleece jackets. This is a good article when looking for workout suggestions.

Want to try a winter jog? They can actually be refreshing and boost your spirit. A morning jog in the brisk air can be great for starting the day (so they say XD ).

Must haves

  • Tight fitting cap
  • fleece jacket
  • leggings
  • gloves
  • water proof socks

Best Winter Workout Gear To Get Motivated!

Real talk though. Get some waterproof clothes. Sweating is already sticky and messy enough during the hot seasons. It will make you feel even worse if your on the brink of pneumonia after a long jog because you are drenched in sweat.

Try the Gym

If you have a lot of fun activites that keep you motivated to workout than the gym might seem daunting. Who said the gym couldn’t be fun though? Try some exercise classes.

Below is a nice website with some workout options


Some workouts not mentioned

Zumba, less mills classes, RPM and more.

People are often more motivated at the gym as they have people around them working out.

Serious Home Workouts

No, not just little arm lifts and about 5 jumping jacks. A lot of people don’t workout at home the same way they do at the gym. You may blame it on a lack of equipment but in todays digital world, that is no excuse.

There are even some nice little workout cds to do. People used to use CD’s back in the 70s so why not?!

YouTube is your workout buddy!

Popsugar, Fitness Marshal, and blogilates.

Get used to using your own body weight. It is expecially easy to do cardio workouts without equipment as you can just dance or do quick hitts. (High interval intensity Training).

Live in an apartment?

Theyre are youtube videos specifically for workouts in apartments and hotels. They are quieter and require less space.

Maybe even consider buying a few fitness items. I don’t mean dropping a couple hundred on treadmills, excercise bikes, punching bags and more.

Fitness equipment under 30 dollars

  • Dumb bell
  • Jumprope
  • Fitness ball
  • Yoga mat
  • Resistance band

Fitness Apps

Having an app can make working out alot more simple. Many apps tell you exactly what workout to do, how many sets to do, and how much time it should take. Apps often allow you to pick your category for targeted body parts. You can get apps that are specifically tailored for core strenghth, flexibility, weight Training and more.

Alot of apps are targetd for 30 day challenges so you can improve in a short amount of time.

Fitness Challenge

Yes! Get out there and challenge yourself! You can even post your results on social media if you that will be another big motivating factor.

I don’t know what it is about the winter but it can be really hard to stay actively productive.


Get organized withy your goals. set plans for yourself and try your best to stick with them. Getting a journal may even beyour best bet. A journal will help you stay organized and keep your life together. I like having a digital planner to plan out my meals and excercise. They often help you create new habits and conquer old habits.

Normal planners are generally overpriced and inconvenient.

Digital planners are kinda overpriced too.

The planner below is only 1 dollars! It is so worth it because it helped me conquer some old bad habits and get healthy. My aunt created this so please try it out 🙂

All in one 15 Page Life style planner printable


Its great for all ages and lifestyles.