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The Curl Defining Smoothie that changes the WHOLE Game for Natural Hair

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Today marks a monumental moment. For twins who pride themselves on trying new things, today marks our first ever straight-up product review.

Now I’m not one to do free promos for just any reason– so you know this product’s got to be that good. I have mostly type 4c curls, so I’m a major skeptic when it comes to curl defining cremes that actually work. Defined curls is something that I have to work very hard for.

With this product, your girl was able to rock her first ever bomb wash and go. I’m talking curls that were durable and lasted me four days. Twist outs don’t just last me 4 days all willy nilly. If one lasts me 2, then I start feeling lucky.

Day 1

You can always tell when your girl is feeling Summertime Fine.

Day 4

Notice that my curls are still hanging. My hair is a devout follower of defying gravity so an afro is its natural preference. Frizzy, “faded” curls is my typical day 4 go-to. I end up having to convince myself that they look like beach curls. Humidity-struck coils is a look your girl be major serving.

So how did I finally achieve a solid twist out with a product that didn’t flake up? My wonderful auntie bought me a container of Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Curling Custard. Of course, I wasn’t sold upon first glance.

The product is quite lightweight, and honestly doesn’t hold like gel at all. But that’s why it’s like magic on my curls. They’re not weighed down. They’re bouncy. They’re shiny. They’re easy. They’re breezy. Cover girl.

Just playing around with those last 2 but my point is clear. My aunt has 3c curls so generally a product that works for her, does not work for me. But this custard was a rare exception. I washed my hair and then completely twisted it up–coating each piece with Mielle. That was my recipe for success. But let’s be real, it takes a little more for me to become a complete sucker for a product.

Your girl is all about her all natural products. If I can actually read and understand most of the ingredients…..then I’m already 75% sold. Some of the main ingredients include babassu oil, fruit oil, , Astrocaryum Murumuru seed butter, Coconut Oil, Pomegranate extract, Sweet almond oil, Honey, and Avocado Oil. So yes–this product is extremely hydrating. Of course I can’t completely overlook the other ingredients that I’ve never heard of but I’m pretty sure the pros outweigh the cons. The custard is even marketed as containing no “harsh chemicals.”

The great-smelling product will have your locks smelling fruity in no time. Only ingredient you may want to watch out for is the glycerin, since a small amount of naturals have complained about the ingredient temporarily drying their curls when it’s not properly diluted. The custard seems to be an appropriate mixture for my hair though and the glycerin actually aids in my length retention.

I’d suggest buying it from Amazon here for a speedier delivery. You can also purchase the custard from Mielle’s site here as well for the same price. Please do let me know if you do decide to try out the product, and how it worked on your hair. I’d love to know! You can comment down below, or share pictures with me at my Instagram or Pinterest.

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