Spanish Phrases for Fast Food Workers( & Baristas) #Building community

I recently started my first job. I often work register and I come into contact with lots of people everyday.

I want to focus more on talking in more languages and giving everyone a good experience. I took it upon myself to learn some phrases that most waitresses in fast food should learn. I have been learning Spanish for quite some time now but I want to be more confident when I actually have to speak it.

This is a way that you can connect more with customers.

lo siento, No soy muy bueno espanol- I am not very good at spanish

Que bebida tu gustaria?- what drink would you like?

Te gustaria algo de comer?- would you like something to eat?

mi companero de trabajo sabe que you- my coworker knows more than me

su precio total está en la pantalla- your total price is on the screen

Que tamano?- what size

te gustaria…? – would you like…?

voy a conseguir..- I will get…

por favor habla despacia- please speak slowly

caliento o heilo?- hot or iced?

I am learning spanish- yo apriendo espanol

mucho gusto y gracias- nice to meet you and thankyou

tus bebidas estaran contigo

cafe- coffee




jarabe de avellano- hazelnut syrup

jarabe de frambuesa- raspberry syrup

sin azucar- sugar free

leche de almendra- almond milk

leche de coco- coconut milk

leche entera- whole milk

mocha- mocha mocha blanca-white mocha

te- tea

leche no grasa- non fat milk

te negra- black tea te verde-green tea


quieres crema batida- would you like whip cream?

es todo por el orden?- is that all for the order?

Cup- vaso knife-cuchillo napkin-servilleta

I hope you guys liked this blog and it motivated you to try out more languages. People feel more comfortable when spoken to in their native language.


Try writing these words down in a notebook and reviewing daily.

These are crucial barista “survival” phrases in English speaking countries. This is not for people moving to Spanish countries lol! Because in that case, you should learn a lot more;

I wrote them down on a little sheet of paper that I keep in my pocket at work. That I can review sometimes and have it at hand.

Please comment below if you want more phrases. Be sure to like because I will be adding more phrases!

I’m ready to start my language quest at my job! I wish you guys the best