How finding the Perfect hairstylist is a lot like finding your perfect GUY!

I have harldy went to the salon before. My mom used to be the only one to ever do my hair. My sister and I would always want to get our hair done at the same time and that was double the money. We wanted to get our hair do our graduations. Aside from a few hair salon visits for special occasions, our mom was our designated hairstylist. I was 12 years old when I finally started doing my own hair.

You want someone who cares more about your words than your looks

Your stylist should prioritize your comfort. Even if tighter braids will look better, they should listen to when you complain. If they continue to pull your hair unmercifully, then that is a red flag that this hairsyle may pull out your hair. A braid hairstyle is suppose to be protective and help your hair grow.

You want someone to be honest about themselves so you know what to expect

Hairsylists need to have real pictures of hairstyles they have actually done. They should not have stock photos as models which they show clients. They can present you with multiple options but not have the skill to do the hairstyle nearly as good.

You want someone to help take care of you

They should wash and nurture your hair. They should apply hair products that detangle and promote softness. While they do your hair, they should treat your hair the way a dentista takes care of your teeth. You may do a terrible job caring for your hair, but they should take time to assess your hair.

You want someone who pays attention to the details

Your hairstylist should notice the little things. They should see your hair damage. They should notice if you have split ends or even hair lengths. This way they will properly adjust their hair maintenance techniques.

You want someone who will not push you to the limit

You want someone who is considerate when dealing with hair. They do not pull your hair to its breaking point.

You want someone who will show you better ways to live your life

They should give you advice to use for the future care of your hair. They should have suggestions of proper hair management techniques, oils, conditioners and hair utensils. 

People who know them should be able to vouch for them

Their past clients should be proud of their results. They should have good things to say about their hairstylist.

You want someone Dependable

They should be ready to do your hair at the set appointment time. Hair salons already take long enough without a Long wait at the door.

Someone who doesn’t switch up on you

You dont want them to start changing the hairstyle as they do it. You should get what you pay for!

Someone who listens to their own advice

your hairstylist should have good hair themselves that looks well taken care of. I t they have hair color, than their hair should still look healthy. They should neat hair that is healthy. If someone is sponsoring their business to you than their hair should reflect their 

They care about giving you quality and making it last

A hairstylist should use quality hair when putting in hair extensions. Bad hair may irritate your scalp and lead to infection. 

They are Someone who is fun to talk to

Lets face it. being in a hair salon can take multiple hours. You want someone who is entertaining to talk to .

I am not one to give relationship advice, but I love giving hair advice!