The only place you can get free shipping for Shea Moisture & related beauty products for UNDER 35$ (Self Quarantine Black Women Edition)

I’ll start this article by saying that I was genuinely shocked when I saw this offer on the platform that I did. It was one that I never would have expected, and that’s why I felt a literal need to help my other natural sisters out.

After all, with this self-quarantine and everything, all we really can do anymore is online shopping.

And I reckon it’d be awfully un-American like to let the economy bust.

Now, if you’ve actually been practicing social distancing like I have, chances are you may have already looked into online grocery shopping.

Because let’s be real– there are generally way too many people at mainstream grocery stores (I’m looking at you, Walmart) to keep a consistent 6 feet away from everyone.

So you’ve already probably guessed that I’m referring to an online shopping platform; but it’s the platform’s niche that’s kept its hidden Shea Moisture gem a secret.

So what is this unexpected website?

Instacart: a grocery delivery service popular for it’s same-day delivery option.

What even is Instacart?

All I can tell you from personal experience is that a few weeks ago I signed up, got free shipping by ordering within 24 hours, found a $10 promo code online, and got all of that week’s snacks for like $4.

As of March 2020, the promo code PTRAN1FC193 should work for $25 Off + Free Delivery on your first order.

But since promo codes are always subject to change, you could also take advantage of the platform’s 14-day free trial for it’s “Express” subscription that offers free shipping year-round.

Or just search yourself for promo codes since there’s a pretty good chance you’ll at least find one that works.

In my zip code specifically, Instacart shoppers bring groceries from my choice of 15 different stores.

But Sprouts and Target are the shops that initially served as my reason for this post. Just take a look at the shops’ storefronts.

Sprouts storefront

You peep that “Shea Moisture” department? Now take a look at Shea Moisture’s actual website.

To get free shipping from Shea Moisture themselves, you have to spend $35– and now I may not be that great at math but I’m like 99.9% sure that’s a 10$ difference from Instacart.

And I think Instacart takes the cake anyway since you’re also able to include groceries in your $25 purchase.

Personally, I think you really can’t miss out on a deal like this with the nation in the current health crisis it’s in.

You’ll be able to provide groceries, hair products, and maybe even beauty items or clothes all with free shipping and and probably an added $10 off at the least.

A good deal always excites me. And I figured I’d help make this self-quarantine a little more bearable for other melinated beauty queens.

Using the links offered on this page for Instacart, not only signs you up for a great platform but also helps me out as a part of the platform’s referral system.

So I really appreciate it!

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Let’s use this micro-break to get pretty and smart!