Our Creative Outlets

Where do we find creativity at the ending of a long likely tedious day at school or work? It’s honestly a thought process that never ends. You don’t leave creativity at your house’s front door– you carry it with you wherever you go and allow the day’s actions to spur it. You collect ideas and inspiration constantly so that when you’re ready to design, the process comes naturally without a sense of being rushed. And you prioritize. Trust us, if it’s something you really want to do then you WILL get it done. If your excuse is that you don’t have time to create, then creating just isn’t high enough of a priority of yours. And that’s understandable, but you may find yourself a lot happier by adapting your schedule and living a bit more flexible. There are so many things to make and design that you really just have to discover what appeals to you. Not what appeals to the next person, or your best friend, or your sibling, but what you would truly like to take time out of your day to get good at. It was a slightly hard transition for us at the beginning to give up watching tv shows and doing homework all the time (shocker, we know) but our afternoons honestly feel so much more productive now.

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